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√ Green Omelette Crepe

Free-Range Eggs and Mozzarella nestled in a bed of Organic local spinach, topped with our zingy tomato salsa


√ Scrambled Egg Salmon Crepe

Smoking hot salmon tucked away in our free range scrambled eggs, mozzarella and mild

cheddar. Top that with some pineapple lemon sauce and you are in crepe heaven


√ Crepe Nut

Granola and banana combined with organic crunchy peanut butter and our savory wild honey

are secretly scheming to make you enjoy eating healthy





√ Smoked Marlin Darling Crêpe

A bed of kale with a colorful array of bell peppers and a masterpiece of smoked  marlin crafted by our local seafood artisan savored with pepper jack cheese


√ Piña Manzana Crêpe

Loaded with some amazing ingredients like our homemade garlic twisted pizza sauce and crunchy bell peppers




√ Curry Mystic Crêpe

Curry chick pea goes on an adventure with farm fresh Jamaican plantain (Vegan Option Available)


-----Main Menu-----


Excellent Customer Service; the staff make you feel like a good friend when you walk in. The menu has loads of healthy options that taste good! The atmosphere is great. The cafe is quite cozy and can be a place to study, have meetings or just hang with friends. My favorite juices are "The Mesha" which is a meal replacement smoothie ad "I Kaled It" a green smoothie. Honorable mentions are the Coffee Caress, Pure Stamina, The Salmon Serenity Sandwich and Kale Cranberry Salad. This Cafe' is a must visit!

Tavanna Harrison


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