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                            ABOUT US

After years of insufficient healthy food options in Montego Bay, DLE Café

decided to take up the challenge and provide a menu option that caters for vegans, vegetarians, hardcore health nuts and those who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices. Now in our fifth year we have mastered the art of creating delicious treats while providing an assortment of tasty smoothies, flavorful wraps, appetizing flatpizzas and gourmet indulgences. Our a-la-cart menu also includes sandwiches, burgers, paninis, crepes and salads that leave nothing to be desired.


Our carefully selected menu must meet two set criteria:

1. The taste profile must be pleasing to the palette
2. It must be healthy

Guest service excellence is the focus of every item on the menu and in every interaction with our guests. The very chic and eclectic ambience was designed to create  a space where our guests feel- if only for a few moments- they can come and forget about the stresses and all the things that can make life a bit challenging. We promise to personalize every guest experience: we want to exceed your expectation. 

DLE Cafe' attracts patrons from every genre and the general populous. We have transcended a demographic definition.  We unite, teach and create a subconscious habit that ignites repeat visitation.  We are more than a food and drink experience. We are a culture and we are still evolving. Join us. We are open Mondays- Saturdays from 7:30 am- 7 pm.

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